Lenza Eye Center - Wilsonville, OR

One-Hour Glasses Available for Single Vision Lenses

Pick a Frame and Get Your Glasses in One Hour (503) 833-2662.

For single vision lenses only, not valid with most vision insurance plans.

Our customers drive up to 50 miles to take advantage of our fast turnaround. If you live in the Portland area and need quality single vision lenses in one hour or less, then you should check out our attractive selection of frames. We carry all the major brands and will make sure you get a great pair of new glasses in one hour or less.

Large Frame Selection

You will be pleased to find that we offer quality frames for all budgets, ages, and styles. We stock over 1,000 frames from the economical brands to the high-end designer brands so that you have options. And we are excited to offer many frames that are not found in the average optical shop.

No-Hassle Guarantees

We stand behind our products and services and are proud to offer unparalleled no-hassle guarantees.

Save with Our Bundled Packages

Packages 1, 2, & 3 are offered exclusively for our self-pay customers who do not have a vision insurance plan. Lenza is focused on providing you with the best value, regardless of your insurance status. Any of our frames can be bundled into one of the following comprehensive packages:


Package 1:  15% Discount for Pair of Glasses (self pay)


Package 2:  25% Discount for Exam + Pair of Glasses, with Multifocal Prescription

                     (self pay)


Package 3:  30% Discount for Exam + Pair of Glasses, with Single Vision Prescription

                     (self pay)


Package 4:  40% Discount for 2nd Pair of Glasses (self pay and vision plans). 

                     Applicable for either Multifocal or Single Vision Prescriptions.


Package 5:  40% Discount for Pair of Glasses with Purchase of Contact Lens Exam +

                     Contact Lenses (self pay and vision plans).  Applicable for either

                     Multifocal or Single Vision Presriptions.


** "Pair of Glasses" = Frames and Lenses purchased at Lenza Eye Center.