Lens Types at Lenza Eye Center

Feel the Satisfaction, Enjoy the Confidence:

You will be pleased to find that we offer quality lenses for all budgets, prescriptions, and and visual needs. We stock high quality single vision lenses on site. These quality lenses offer great features such as lighter weight, higher impact resistance and anti reflective coating at a price that won’t break the bank.

We are also excited to offer many custom order premium lenses for those seeking exceptional performance. Whether you goal is to minimize fogging, decrease the reflections from your glasses, increase your depth of field, reduce glare or decrease the weight of your glasses, Lenza will guide you through the steps until you are satisfied with your purchase.

Our Professional Staff Will Help You Make The Best Decision On Your Lenses

There are many options when it comes to your lenses and Lenza recognizes that each person has different needs. Lenza Eye Center aims to provide industry leading customer service that will leave you pleased with your purchase. We combine great products, exceptional customer service, thorough assessment of your visual needs and reasonable prices.


Below is a brief description of the different type of lenses on the market:

  • Plastic Lenses (CR39) Polymer: Is a material used to make the lens. It is inexpensive, with excellent optical quality. It however, is more prone to being scratched, is thicker and heavier than some of the other lens material on the market. It also does not block UV light without a special coating.
  • Polycarbonate lens Polymer: Is a material used to make the lens. It is medium priced with great impact resistance, 30% lighter and thinner than plastic lenses. It also offer UV protection. The lens requires anti reflective coating and may require anti scratch resistance coating. Can also cause peripheral distortion in high prescriptions.
  • High Index Lens Polymers: Are materials used to make the lens. They are medium to high priced lenses which are significantly thinner and lighter than plastic and thinner than polycarbonate. May need scratch resistant coating and may cause peripheral distortion.
  • Spherical Cut lenses: Has to do with the shape of the manufactured lens. Spherical lenses have the same curve across all the lens. It is found in most traditional lens and delivers excellent value for the price. In very high prescriptions, spherical cut lenses can increase the thickness of the edge of the lens.
  • Aspherical Cut Lenses: Has to do with the shape of the manufactured lens. The surface of the lens has a different curve across the lens. This can decrease the thickness of the edge of the lens, but increases the price. It is a good option for high prescriptions.
  • Free form (Digitally Cut Lenses): Is a highly customized aspheric lens. The process involves customizing your prescription to achieve the thinnest , lightest possible lenses as well as providing the widest field of vision. Free form manufactured lenses combine advanced mathematical formulas, with software technology and integrated surfacing machinery.

Knowing Your Goals and Your Budget Will Drive Your Selection

Do you want the lightest, thinnest, best optical quality and the price is not an important consideration? Then you might look at Free Form Cut with High Index lenses. Do you want the most impact resistant lenses in the medium price range? Then polycarbonate lenses with spherical cut are right for you.

As you can see there are endless combinations to suite most budgets and visual needs. We understand the options can be overwhelming and we plan to guide you through the process.

Providing Industry-Leading Customer Service

What sets us apart is what defines us: caring staff, exceptional products and a focus on customer service. Feel free to contact us to get more information about how we can help you achieve better vision at an exceptional value.