Lenza Eye Center - Wilsonville, OR

Complete Eye Exams at Lenza Eye Center

Early Detection Means Healthier Eyes

We utilize the latest advanced diagnostic testing equipment to help in the detection and management of macular degeneration, dry eyes, glaucoma, cataracts, and other eye diseases. Additionally, this allows us to perform more accurate contact lens fittings with benefits including increased comfort and better fit for difficult prescriptions (astigmatism).


Our equipment includes:



Our machines are primarily engineered and built in Germany, and are used in high-precision measurements to detect diseases early such as:



Our Mission

Our mission is to provide easy access to top quality eye care by integrating patients, staff, technicians, and doctors.  Our goal is to create an awareness at all levels regarding the importance of routine eye exams, and to enhance quality of life by improving eye health and eliminating preventable vision loss in our community.


Our Patients

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