Get Immediate Care for Minor Eye Emergencies at Lenza Eye Center

Peace of Mind, Relief, and Honest Answers from Lenza Eye Doctors

Whether it is pain, or anxiety from mild to severe vision loss, you deserve to get the right answers. Often the problem is straight forward and easy to diagnose, and can be treated the same day. Occasionally there are more serious sight-threatening vision problems. If you are experiencing a vision-threatening condition, an experienced Lenza eye doctor will help connect you with the right eye specialist.

This is more cost effective for minor emergencies and a faster referral route for serious conditions when compared to an Emergency Room visit.

Minor Eye Emergencies at Lenza Eye Center

Most can be treated the same day, and treatment can prevent a minor problem from becoming a vision-threatening condition. Your Medical Insurance can billed for the eye care. If you have no medical insurance, Lenza will offer you a discount for the care provided. Here is a list of conditions we commonly see:

  • Scratched Cornea
  • Eye Pain
  • Small Corneal Infections
  • Red Eyes
  • Pink Eye
  • Contact Lens Related Eye Problems
  • Sudden Floaters or Flashes
  • Double Vision

Major Eye Emergencies

Major vision-threatening eye emergencies may require an immediate visit to an ophthalmology specialist. Lenza can help expedite the referral process by identifying the cause of the problem and directly contacting the eye specialist. Symptoms of a major eye emergency include:

  • Sudden Painless Loss of Vision
  • Sudden Pain with loss of Vision
  • Severe Vision Loss
  • Large corneal infections.

Lenza Eye Center and its eye doctors are committed to providing you with cost effective and expedient eye care, and we offer extended hours. If you are experiencing an eye emergency please call us to get an immediate appointment.