Lenza Eye Center Provides Complete Eye Exams

Thorough Exams for Children, Adults and Seniors.

You will get expert care from our Optometrists who are trained in the latest advances in refractions, eye measurements, contacts lenses and diagnostic equipment. This allows us to serve each person’s specific vision needs. Our Optometrists are very skilled in examining children, fitting contacts on teenagers and adults, and focusing on catching sight threatening conditions in seniors.

Refraction Exams

Refractions involve measuring your old glasses (if you have one), followed by a specific computerized measurement device that is about 80% accurate. Our optometerist then refine the measurement by giving you several options, narrowing the possible choices till the difference between your options are so small that you can not tell the difference.

Refractions can vary with conditions such as dry eyes, as well as with age. Children tend to have larger variability in their prescriptions. Our optometrist are experts at minimizing these differences by checking for dry eyes with a specialized machine, or performing a second refraction once you are dilated.

Checking Your Eyes with a Microscope

Your Optometrist will examine your eyes with a microscope to check for any eye conditions that might limit your vision. They will also use it to check the fit of your contacts lenses. Specialized lenses are used to magnify the tiny structures in the back of the eye and screen you for retinal detachments, diabetic disease, high blood pressure, glaucoma and other conditions that can result in vision loss.

Contact lens Exams

Using the latest corneal mapping technology, your eye doctor can determine the surface map of your eye. This allows them to provide a more comfortable and specific fit for your eyes. By using the latest contact lens technology, your eye doctor can further enhance the fit and comfort of your contact lenses. There are hundreds of types of contact lenses on the market. Naturally the choices can be overwhelming. Your eye doctors and their staff understand this and will help guide in your decision and help explain how to care for your contacts and your eyes.

If you are a first time contact lens user then you came to the right place. Multiple studies show that there is a higher chance of rejecting contact lens use for life if the first experience is unpleasant. We are committed to providing with safe, pleasant and informed experience.