Lenza Eye Center - Wilsonville, OR

Best LASIK Technology in Portland Oregon

Lenza Eye Center uses an Ultra Fast, Precise LASIK technology.  Our LASIK surgeon uses WaveLight® FS200 Femtosecond Laser.  The laser creates the LASIK flap, which is the first step in the  LASIK procedure, in as little as 6 seconds.  The laser is very precise, has enhanced comfort features and numerous safety mechanisms. 

The second part of the LASIK procedure involves lifting the flap and changing the surface of the cornea using an Excimer LASER.  Our LASIK surgeon utilizes the WaveLight® EX500 one of the fastest Excimer lasers on the market.  Speed, precision and customization of the treatment is important because it increases accuracy, improves healing time and has a higher safety margin. 

What to expect during your initial screening

Our Optometrist will take careful initial measurements of your eye and provide a comprehensive eye exam.  They will also perform a preliminary corneal map scan.  After determining your vision goals and discussing treatment and recovery, you will be scheduled for a precise corneal map scan and a visit to the Laser Center.  The LASIK Center is located 3 miles from our clinic.

What to look for in a LASIK surgeon in Portland, Oregon

You should look for a LASIK surgeon who has empathy, surgical competence, and experience.  Lenza Utilizes two surgeons in Portland: Dr. Oday Alsheikh MD and Dr. Bruce Madsen MD.  Dr. Alsheikh is the owner and medical director of Lenza Eye Center.  He primarily operates in Texas but also offers one or two surgery days a month in Portland. Dr. Alsheikh has significant experience in LASIK, PRK, Cataract surgery, Premium Cataract surgery, Complex Cataract Surgery, various Corneal Transplantation Surgeries and Complex Glaucoma Surgery.  He performs complex procedures as well as LASIK and PRK surgery in Texas. In Portland Oregon, he performs LASIK and PRK surgery.

Dr. Oday Alsheikh’s Surgical Experience