How Macular Degeneration Screening Works


Macular degeneration is a serious issue. It’s something that affects approximately 10 million Americans, and it has been identified as the leading cause of vision loss. Therefore, if you believe that you might be experiencing macular degeneration, it’s important that you’re diagnosed as soon as possible. Only with an early diagnosis can your symptoms be managed and the macular degeneration slowed down as much as possible.

Diagnosing macular degeneration is no easy task, though. It involves a number of different tests that must be administered to assess the state of a given patient’s macula. First, a dilated exam will be performed, along with a detailed analysis and drawing of the retina. What’s revealed with these tests will be further enhanced by a high definition scan and photography of the retina. Between these tests, our qualified eye doctors should be able to identify and diagnose your macular degeneration.

Once diagnosed, it will be important that you come in for regular screenings in order to assess the rate at which the macular degeneration is progressing. In addition to the above tests, our eye doctors will also ensure that you have the correct prescription for your glasses, and they will provide you with ongoing counseling regarding how you can manage macular degeneration and its effects. With that kind of ongoing care, you should be assured of achieving the best outcome with your diagnosis – provided you follow the proper steps for ongoing management, of course.

If you believe you might be experiencing macular degeneration – or if there is a history of it in your family – then by all means, please come visit us at Lenza Eye Center. We have one of the foremost experts on low vision on staff, and we can help you to diagnose, treat and manage macular degeneration if that is indeed what you have.